Jack O’Neill Memorial Paddle Out

Jack O'Neill Profile picture for life celbration paddle out UK

On Sunday 9th July 2017, O’Neill UK would like to invite you to join in a paddle out and celebration of Jack O’Neill’s life & adventures at Great Western Beach in Newquay.

From Santa Cruz to Cornwall, O’Neill will honour the legacy of Jack with numerous paddle outs worldwide simultaneously. For the UK edition, O’Neill ask those that are wishing to pay tributes to the pioneer of the wetsuit to meet at Great Western Beach from 6.30pm, in the water at 7pm.

Great Western Beach is thought to have been the UK’s original surfing beach and a was a popular hangout of the inaugural surfers of the 60s. Following the paddle out, everyone is invited to the Slope Beach Bar for light refreshments.

Jack O'Neill wading into the water with his surfboard
The family of Jack O’Neill, O’Neill Wetsuits and O’Neill UK would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all who have reached out with thoughts, prayers, sympathy, remembrances, stories and pictures since the passing of legendary waterman Jack O’Neill on Friday June 2, 2017.

Please feel free to spread the word of the paddle out to friends and family, and we hope to see you all in the water on Sunday!

More info can be found at the Facebook event page



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Chris Christenson is coming to Pukas

Christenson Surfboards at Pukas Surf

In 1992, Chris Christenson’s shaping career began with a six-year apprenticeship to shaping legend, Dick Brewer, perfecting the skill of shaping boards under Brewer, and the influence of his then neighbour, Skip Frye. His board designs reflect these influences with a combination of classic lines and progressive creativity. Walk through his factory and you will see an eclectic range of boards under construction..longboard next to a gun, a glider next to mid length..single fins..keel fins and thrusters.

For a short time Chris Christenson will be shaping boards at the Pukas factory in Northern Spain so if you have always lusted over one of surfboards now is the time to get a custom order in..  Here’s just a few of the models available…

Christenson Mescaline Christenson Flat Tracker Christenson Dead Sled Christenson C Bucket Christenson Cafe Racer Christenson Bonneville Christenson Fish Christenson Solitude Christenson Invisible Policeman

Chris is at the Pukas factory shaping boards between the 15th June and 25th June, so if you want to get your hands on one of these, have any queries, or quite simply fancy a good old fashioned chat about anything at all, drop us a line on +44(0)1736 757025 or talk to one of our board freaks via email at info@downthelinesurf.co.uk

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£150 Off All Firewire Vanguards

A Retrospective Appraisal

The Firewire Vanguard, a game changer.

The Vanguard is a diamond nosed modern planing hull (MPH) designed, pioneered and refined by Daniel”Tomo”Thomson. The distinctive ultra parallel (straighter) lines running nose to tail allow the board to be ridden smaller and narrower than previously considered functional. The parallel outline reduces drag, increases planing lift giving more speed.  The rectangular nature of the board makes it stable and the narrow central wide point will allow for fast rail to rail transitions. Add multiple concave bottom contours for added lift through flat sections of  a wave and the end result is a design that is fast, responsive and easy to control.

But don’t just take our word for it, why not come in and try our demo board and experience  the difference.  Over the last few years the Vanguard has been superseded by the Nano, Evo and Vader, but it remains the foundation and blueprint for all those later models.

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The boys are off to Aus

In our never ending quest to ensure that we keep the shop stocked with the freshest surfing goodies. Trev and Ryan have volunteered to spend the next couple of weeks traversing the coastline of Australia connecting with our current suppliers and searching for “the next big thing”.

They start in Sydney and no doubt after a short tour around the Royal Opera House in an effort to shake off the jet-lag they’ll be heading to the Northern Beaches smeared in factor 50 for meetings with various shipping companies. We are determined to bring our customers the latest models from Australia’s premium board builders as soon as they are released so a bit of blah blah blah over a few cold beers will almost certainly help with the negotiations.

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DHD Surfboards coming soon

Darren Handley is regarded as one of the finest shapers in the world. Growing up on Australia’s Gold Coast has allowed Darren to study the large variety of waves there and refine and create the most perfect boards to suit each type of wave. This has resulted in the DHD team taking numerous titles, including Mick Fanning’s 3X ASP World Titles and Stephanie Gilmore’s 6X ASP World Titles.

DHD surfboards haven’t been around for a while in our shop here at Down the Line… But that’s about to change. We have just placed a large order with Mr. Handley in Australia and the boards are being made over there right now. We’re expecting delivery around Mid March. Have a look below for the range we have coming in stock.

Click the surfboard image to find out more about the board


DHD DX1 JF Surfboard DHD DX1 JF DHD XRS Surfboard DHD XRS DHD Twin Fin Surfboard DHD Twin Fin

DHD Epoxicore Switchblade Surfboard
DHD Switchblade – Epoxicore

DHD Epoxicore DX1 Surfboard
DHD DX1 – Epoxicore

DHD Mini Twin Surfboard
DHD Mini Twin

Feel free to contact us or give us a ring on 01736 757025 for more info on arrival dates and board info. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a video of Darren talking about the new DHD XRS

DHD XRS Small Wave Performance Shortboard from DHD Surf on Vimeo.

Ah go on then, one more video.. Darren talking about the new Epoxicore technology:-

Behind The Curtain with Darren Handley & EpoxiCORE from DHD Surf on Vimeo.

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