The Fisherman’s Son – Film and Book Tour

June 16th, 2015

Fisherman's Son - Ramon Navarro

You all may be aware of the latest film and book project by Chris Malloy called The Fisherman’s Son, featuring Ramon Navarro; one of the premier Chilean surfers and environmentalists who is working within the community to protect the coastline of Punta De Lobos. Well, you are invited to a very special night on 1st July at 7 Foundry Lane, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4HD, to a showing of this great film about a very remarkable man, and the perfect opportunity to meet the man himself

The event starts at 8pm and costs only £5 donation (£3 for children).

All proceeds will be split between our chosen local NGO Save Our Sand, St. Ives Bay  and the Save our Waves Coalition Even if you can’t attend, every penny you donate to the #lobosporsiempre will be match funded up to the value of $100,000 by Patagonia!

There will be food available throughout the evening, and when the films stops the music will start! The utterly brilliant Sandy Acre Seven will be there and playing hits so fine you’ll be shaking your thing before you know what’s even happened to you.

Here’s a little clip of the film, just to wet your whistle.

If you need any other info, simply drop us a line on 01736 757025.

See you there!

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Summer Surfboards 2015

June 2nd, 2015

It’s pretty safe to say that summer is here! The sun has got his hat on pretty much every day, the evenings have well and truly drawn out and the all-important after work surfs are totally possible even if you’re not lucky enough to live close to the beach. Congratulations, you have survived another winter! To be fair, that winter was a pretty easy one right? I mean, we had loads of waves and there wasn’t a massive period of absolutely shiver-me-barnacles baltic weather. What definitely helped was the fact last summer hung around well into October, so before we knew it it was jingle bells time and then it was Easter…

One thing I have noticed when I’m on the beach at this time of year is not the increase of barbecue lovers, (although there are many), but more the decrease in consistent swell. What swell we do have in the summer distinctively lacks power. Your favourite performance shooter that doesn’t let you down in the winter starts to bog and won’t allow you to get through the weaker sections.  So what’s the answer? Easy.. grab yourself a summer surfboard that’ll make the most of the tiny, but noneless enjoyable, swell that’ll be around until September.

Have a look down below, at some of our short and stubby boards that’ll guarantee good times this summer. With the emphasis on easy paddling, effortless wave catching and speed carrying properties that’ll have you shooting through sections on even the most gutless of waves… these little beauties will put a grin on your face all summer long!  Just remember, foam is your summertime friend!

Just click on the image to go to the full shebang about each board.

Our pick of 6 top summer surfboards for 2015

JS 107 summer surfboard

JS 107 – A simple no nonsense summer board. This board is all about speed, glide and smashing through turns!

Lost Round Nose Fish Summer Surfboard

Lost Round Nose Fish – The biggest selling fish in the world… for good reason, just look at it! It’s what summer is made for!

Pukas ResinCake Summer Surfboard

Pukas Resin Cake – We’ve had bonkers feedback on this board! Plenty of drive through turns, and surfs rail to rail effortlessly.

Channel Islands Average Joe Sumeer Surfboard

Channel Islands Average Joe – SIMA board of the year 2014. For anyone coming off a mini mal right up to the seasoned pro.

Firewire Baked Potato summer surfboard

Firewire Baked Potato – Some tweaks have been made to the ever popular Sweet potato make the Baked Potato a tasty summer treat.

Art of Trim Bandwagon Summer Surfboard

Art Of Trim Bandwagon – With a flat rocker and plenty of width throughout make this Down the Line exclusive a real winner.


Don’t forget that all of our boards are sent on next working day delivery in the UK, so there’s no reason to wait! Any questions? Speak to one of our guys in the shop about anything surfboard or wetsuit related on +44 (0)1736 757025… Have the best summer!

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Channel Islands Pro Store Opening Night

April 29th, 2015

The finishing touches have all been put in place and the Channel Islands Pro Store is ready for it’s opening night this Friday 1st May from 6:30pm, at Market Square Arcade, Hayle, Cornwall.

Everyone’s welcome to come down, have a beer, some nibbles and have a gander at the spanking new boards we have in stock! Beer! Did I say beer? That’s right, there will be beers aplenty from St. Ives Brewery and Black Rock Brewing to tickle your tastebuds as you check out the latest models… the likes of the Pod Mod for example.

So, come on down to this informal night, have a chat and a laugh.. It’ll be great to see you all. Also, if you have any board related questions, the head honchos from Olatu are coming over from the Basque country, and they love nothing more than to talk surfboards over a pint or 8.

The Channel Islands Pro Store shop front

The Channel Islands Pro Store shop front

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Pod Mod Surfboard

April 20th, 2015

Channel Islands Pod Mod logo
Thought I’d let you good people know that the Channel Islands Pod Mod surfboard is coming to our Channel Islands Pro Store in Cornwall in the next couple of weeks. It’s a big modification of the ever popular Pod model from back in 2000, making it wider than previous, and with the single to double concave removed and replaced with a flat entry to concave vee…. aiding nippier rail to rail transitions.

Enough chat for the minute, let’s have a look at it:-

 pod_mod_deck-500  Channel Islands Pod Mod Surfboard

As I said, the Pod Mod will be here in the next 2 weeks, so just in time for you to make the most of the summer swells… Did I tell you this year is going to be the best summer ever for surf in Cornwall ;) Aah, if only I could guarantee that, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking!

We will be getting a good size break of the Pod Mod, and here’s the stock dimensions:-


 Stock Length  Width  Thickness  Volume (Ltrs)
 5’2″  19 7’8″  2 5/16″  26.6
 5’4″  20 1/8″  2 3/8″  28.5
 5’6″  20 3/8″  2 1/2″  31.3
 5’8″  20 5/8″  2 9/16″  33.5
 5’10”  20 7/8″  2 5/8″  35.8
 6’0″  21 1/8″  2 3/4″  39.1
 6’2″  21 3/8″  2 3/4″  40.7
 6’4″  21 5/8″  2 7/8″  44.2

As with all our Channel Islands, Lost and Pukas surfboards, you can tweak the dimensions and make a custom board no worries.. Just contact us here

Catch y’all soon!

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Channel Islands Pro shop

April 9th, 2015
A first glimpse at the Channel Islands Pro shop

A first glimpse at the Channel Islands Pro shop

Just a little heads up that there’ll be a Channel Islands Pro Store opening at Down the Line Surf Co in May. The store will have a ridiculously large selection of Channel Islands surfboards, featuring full size breaks of the latest models as they are released.

There will also be a tasty range of boardbags, leashes and tail pads, amongst a few other exclusives which I can’t really talk about yet ;)
As always, custom orders are available, with priority given to us over any shop in Europe, meaning you get your custom board that little bit quicker.

That’s about it for the minute, but there will be details of the launch party coming out pretty soon. Contact us for more info… and while you’re here, why don’t you check out the latest Channel Island boards in stock right now.

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