Fantasy Surfer 2016

February 9th, 2016

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For the upcoming Men’s WSL Samsung Galaxy 2016 world tour, we are inviting you to come and join our Fantasy surf league club. Whoever takes the crown at the end of the season will walk away with bragging rights and a new custom surfboard from Lost, Channel Islands or Pukas. The competition is open to the UK and Mainland Europe only.

The Fantasy surf league club “Down the Line Surf Co” will be open to the public until the first horn sounds the start of the first event. The first event will be the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast held at Snapper Rocks March 10th -21st.

Click here to register > Down the Line Surf Co


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How to Play


To build a team of surfers that will accumulate the highest points for each contest and the entire 2016 WSL Samsung Galaxy World Tour season.

Picking Your Team

Each team owner can draft up to eight surfers, without exceeding their $50,000,000 salary cap. Before each event, surfers’ values may increase or decrease, but the cost against your salary cap is the cost when you purchased your surfer. Surfer values can change throughout the 2016 WSL Samsung Galaxy World Tour season . If you trade out a surfer, you must buy him back at the current rate, which may be different than the price you originally bought that surfer at. After making your selections, you must hit the “SAVE” button for your team to be locked in. (For Women’s Fantasy Surfer, teams are made up of five surfers with a $30,000,000 salary cap. All other rules are the same.)

The Alternate Slot

Each player will also be given an additional slot designated for an “alternate”. In the case that one of your team members does not compete in an event because they are injured or withdraw after the start of Round 1 and are replaced in the draw, your alternate will be swapped in. (This does NOT apply to surfers who withdraw from an event prior to start of Round 1. If kept on your team, those surfers will be given 0 points and no alternate will be subbed in.) Only surfers in the lowest price bracket will be allowed in the Alternate slot. This will ensure that a no-show or unforeseen injury won’t completely ruin your overall team points. The alternate spot does NOT carry over from event to event, so you’ll have to re-select your alternate spot for every event.

Making Trades

After each event, each owner will be permitted to make trades before the next event starts. The owner can make as many changes as he/she wants before the start of the first heat of the first round of next event, provided that the cumulative dollar value of the surfers at the time they were added does not exceed the $50,000,000 salary cap.

Once done trading, owner must click the “save” button to confirm trade.

The REVERT Button

After Event #1, each player will be able to hit the “revert” button which will switch your team back to the same team you had at the end of the previous event. This should help prevent any accidental drops of players that have changed in value. After making your selections, you must hit the “SAVE” button for your team to be locked in.

No Trading

All trading will be closed at the start of the first heat and open again at the end of that event. In other words, trading is disabled when the actual event is being contested.

Point Scoring

Surfer points are based on the number of competitors they defeat and their finishing position in each of the actual World Tour events. All 36 competitors (Top 34, plus wildcards) will score between 36 and 250 points. Whenever one of your surfers scores points, your team scores points. Obviously, the more points your team scores for each event, the better. Each team will be awarded the cumulative total points for the eight surfers selected for the current World Tour event.

Here’s s the formula for Men’s Fantasy Surfer:


Finish : Points

1 : 250 9 : 103 17 : 82 25 : 47 33 : 39
2 : 175 10 : 102 18 : 81 26 : 46 34 : 38
3 : 151 11 : 101 19 : 80 27 : 45 35 : 37
4 : 150 12 : 100 20 : 79 28 : 44 36 : 36
5 : 128 13 : 86 21 : 78 29 : 43
6 : 127 14 : 85 22 : 77 30 : 42
7 : 126 15 : 84 23 : 76 31 : 41
8 : 125 16 : 83 24 : 75 32 : 40

Only the Top 36 positions yield points. Zero points are given for surfers not ranking in the top 36 (if an event adds additional participants).

The Fantasy Surfer scoring is set up so the surfers all finish the event with an individual placing. For example, if you have one of the 16 surfers on your team who lost in the second round but had the highest point total for that round, he gets the points for 25th place (45 points). The surfer who has the next highest total score from round two gets 26th place all the way down to 36th place.

Breaking Ties
Ties will be broken after each event by comparing each owner’s top scoring surfer for the event just completed. If the tie is still not broken, this process continues with the second top scoring surfer and so forth down the team until the tie is broken. If the two tied winners have the exact same scores for all eight of their surfers then their total event-to-date points will be used to break the tie. If they are still tied after this, then the participant with the highest current balance in his/her cash account will win. After that, any prizes will be split. Your team’s overall standing will be determined by adding up your team scores for each event.

The overall winner of the Fantasy Surfer challenge is the team that accumulates the highest fantasy points for the best nine events. Ties for overall positions will be resolved the same way that ties are broken after each event, using the final event results. In the rare event that two or more teams tie for the Grand Prize, the winner will be team with the earliest registration date. The Fantasy Surfer scoring is set up so the surfers all finish the event with an individual placing. For example, if you have one of the 16 surfers on your team who lost in the third round but had the highest point total for that round he gets the points for 9th place (104 points). The surfer who has the next highest total score from round two gets 10th place all the way down to 18th place.


Good luck!! 


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Slater Designs

February 8th, 2016

Slater Designs

The new Slater Designs line up for 2016… Photo: Sherman

Since Kelly Slater purchased a majority share of Firewire surfboards in early 2015, he has been busy working on 3 new models for his side line company ‘Slater Designs’.

Slater Designs will be utilizing tried and tested  Firewire surfboards build methods, and have a design input from renowned shapers such as, Daniel Thompson and Greg Webber.

Initially there will be three unique models in the Slater designs line up that will cover all bases. The new range of Slater Designs boards should be with us in the shop around May 2016.

The line up..


Slater Designs x Daniel ‘TOMO’ Thompson/Sci-Phi

A smaller wave pocket rocket that will be well suited to everyday beach break/small point wave conditions.

Kelly rides  5’6” X 18 3/4” X 2 1/4” 24.8L

Slater Designs x Daniel ‘TOMO’ Thompson/Omni

A versatile all-rounder for every type of wave, Beach, Reef and point.

Kelly rides  5’3” X 18 3/4” X 2 5/16” 24.8L

Slater Designs x Greg Webber/The Banana

Best in waves with power and good shape to get the most out the design, this board feels at home in the barrel!

Kelly rides 5’10” X 18 3/8” X 2 1/4” 25.8L



We are now taking deposits on all of the above Slater design models, they are expected to land in store May 2016. It is advised to get in there quick to save disappointment  as we have had a lot of interest.


Call the shop on 01736 757025 or email: for more info.



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Softec TC Pro

January 30th, 2016


We have in-store and online a great range of soft boards from Softec.

Developed and tested by 2 x ASP World Champion Tom Carroll ‘TC’. The Softech TC Pro softboard is unmatched in quality, performance & durability.


TC Pro 5’4 ” Quad

eb1912_1__2Handmade from highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques, Softech surfboards are built to withstand the toughest of treatment and are available in a range of styles to suit the beginner through to the most experienced rider. The Perfect board for learning on or making the most of less than ideal conditions.

sizes available are 5’4, 6’0 and 6’6

For more information check out this link to our website.

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Stance underwear

January 12th, 2016


Stance Underwear

Since the arrival of Stance socks at Down the Line a few years back staff and customers alike have been blown away by the unrivaled comfort and style.

New for 2016 at DTL we have the new range of Stance underwear, using ultra soft Butter blend milk protein fabrics and Feather seam construction they are unrivaled in comfort and styling .

Currently we stock 3 styles of their underwear.

  • the BASOLINE – Fitted boxer brief with fly.
  • the MERCATO – Relaxed fit button fly knit boxer
  • the WHOLESTER – Fitted boxer brief with stance wholester technology


chamber-blue  mariner-navy
 staple-grey-stance  cartridge-black-stance  flora-stance

Prices start from £20… Trust me when i say they are worth every penny!!

Click the link below or a style of your choice above to see more info..

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Futures Fins

December 19th, 2015

Futures Fins

The Ride Number | Futures Fins

The ride number associated with each Futures fin describes the feel of a fin, this feeling is represented on a scale  from 1 – speed control to 10 – speed generating. The closer the Ride Number gets to 10 the more springy, fluid and responsive your board will feel to help you generate your own speed. The closer you get to the Ride Number of 1 means your board will feel more solid, engaged and predictable at high speeds in larger more powerful surf. Fins with a Ride Number of around 5 mean the fin is balanced and will not add or enhance your board, meaning the fins with let your boards original character shine.

Speed Generating | Futures Fins


Fins with more flex and engineered foils are the best Speed Generating fins. They feel Springy, Fluid and Responsive, which translates into a positive feeling for light-footed surfers or for when the waves lack power. These are a great option for that grovel session, because you can create more speed to get your board down the line. On the Ride Number Chart, fins showing 7 to 10 are classified as Speed Generating.

Balanced | Futures Fins


 Fins with medium flex and flat or subtle concave foils are Balanced fins, and the best for all-around performance.  They feel solid in overhead surf and are still lively enough for performance surfing in serious waves or everyday conditions.  The elements of both sides of the speed spectrum are evident in this category.  On the Ride Number Chart, fins showing 4-7 are classified as Balanced.

Speed Control | Futures Fins


Fins with less flex and flat foils are the best Speed Controlling fins.  They feel solid, engaged and predictable, which translates into a positive feeling for powerful surfers or in powerful waves.  The swell of the year will be more successful with a fin that can handle the speed of the over-head waves.  On the Ride Number Chart, fins showing 1-4 are classified as Speed Controlling.

To use a ride number pick a feeling in your weight range and give them a try we have an extensive range of Futures fins that are available to demo in the shop so you can try the fins before you buy, taking the risk out of buying the correct fins. But as always we are on hand 7 Days a week to give advise and recommendations on the correct fins to match you and your surfboard.



Tel: 01736 757025





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