DHD in search of the perfect small wave performer

Cut-down surfboards getting many refined tweaks

Dane’s success on the wide rounded square he rode at Trestles, has stirred quiet an interest amongst surfers and the way they are looking at their quiver. We also saw Mick Fanning win last year’s World Title on his cut-down board. Surfers are looking for the shorter wider version of their all rounder, but they don’t want to surf a fish-style board.

They want to be able to push it hard, surf on rail with power and boost in small weak waves as well as good waves. Are these boards the new ‘All Rounder’?

At BASE this phenomenon has inspired all of our shapers, we have seen the LSD ‘Chubby Checker’ designed by Julian Wilson and Luke Short, which is one of Luke’s most popular models at the moment. Muzza brought out his ‘Boot Models’, and rumour has it there is a ‘Little Zappa’ in the making. Then there is the soon to be released Simon Anderson ‘DTS’

DH is that inspired he is not only shaping them he is also painting them. Over the last three months DH has been working with all of his team and a wide range of friends up and down the East Coast of Australia to develop the perfect small wave performer.

It has been an exciting time around BASE, with some very interesting boards going out the door and everyone has been frothing to get a ‘Project 15’ under their feet. With round 3 of the project leaving last week, DH reckons it won’t be long before he has nailed it.

‘It has been an exciting process of trial and error and I have shaped some boards that ten years ago I wouldn’t have even considered shaping. Some boards have been great others needed further refining.

It has been a great Project I have learnt a heap about small wave boards and have had a lot of fun doing it. The team, boys in the factory and some good friends have really jumped on board, the feedback  has been great and we are all working towards the same goal and having a ball doing it.’ DH

With only a few weeks to go DH reckons Project 15 will be available for everyone to ride by the end of July.

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Geoff on the Design illusion, and why the nugget works

The illusion is if it does not look like what the top 5 pro’s in the world are riding then it is retro. The McCoy nugget designs have been classified as retro when in fact it is futuristic.

Nice and hollow with a McCoy Nugget
Nice and hollow with a McCoy Nugget

Modern designs are created by Jnr. Journalist and over enthusiastic clothing executives with no knowledge of surfboard design and function. It has been done through the media with promotion of products and ignorant designers of surfboards just following the rubbish written by some poor ignorant journalist who is almost in puberty, with absolutely no knowledge of surfboard design and function at any level.

The McCoy nugget design has proven to be very practical way to go surfing if you want to have “FUN” in a wide range of surfing conditions. The nugget design is being created by evolution as this is were I am at now after almost 40 years of continuous design research and development. The nugget design is by far the most advanced all round functional surfboard on the market today, no other design can offer such a wide range of wave size and conditions.

The nugget design incorporates the best features of all its predecessors, the Double Ender, the Twin Fin and the Lazor Zap, this is why I am confident about the nugget as an all round performer in such a wide range wave conditions, it is earlier designs that make the nugget design so practical and functional.

The nugget design has been tested in wave’s size from 1’ ~ 80’; it has ridden conditions from glassy to extreme chop proving its function in all conditions to be far superior.

Keep surfi`n

Geoff McCoy

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McCoy Nugget design

Geoff McCoy has been designing surf boards for the past four decades, from beginner to elite abilities around the world of surfing.

McCoy Nugget Surfboard
McCoy Nugget Surfboard lazy cutback

From these many years of research McCoy has come up with a combination of subtle curves that blend together producing a surfboard that provides excellent stability combined with continual flow. Simply stated it makes surfing easier !

Now what is meant by continual flow?

It basically means the board will keep running through all the manoeuvres on all parts of the wave face. No stop, start, arcs or slowing and stopping on flatter sections.

How is this achieved by the board?

It is simply by designing a surfboard that can carry the surfer’s weight better and actually has a planing area combined with softer rails where the surfer stands, this allows the board to run higher in the water and stay on the planing surface, hence more flow through out the wave range.

The nugget design has most of the board’s volume in the back half both in plan shape and thickness. In plan shape the board is widest in the middle then holding the width only tapering slightly going into the tail area which has a full round curve for ease of turning gives the board the ability to hold the energy of the wave, allowing for continual flow.

The thickest point of the board is also the middle area which holds the thickness as it runs forward into the nose rocker, and through to the tail area.

This even distribution of thickness through the length of the board is one of the contributing features that allow the nugget design to be the free running flowing easy to control surfboard that it is.

This nugget design is comfortable to ride in all wave types and conditions; This is because the softer blend of rail and bottom curves combined with the wider tail area allow the board to stay on the wave’s face where maximum speed is obtained.

Surfboard design determines its performance capabilities, if a board cannot carry you comfortably and has prominent design features in plan shape rail shape or bottom shape, it will react to those prominent features and will struggle to surf with continual flow, knowing this McCoy Surfboards have no prominent features.

Our designs provide the board with the ability to flow smoothly, this is because of the subtle blend of soft flowing curves.

So what are the benefits for the surfer in such designs?

You have a surfboard that is extremely versatile and amazingly “User Friendly” that really produces “Endless Fun” for all surfers from beginner to advanced ability, it is a real break through in surfboard design.

It would be fair to say in general that most females wanting to enjoy the riding of a wave are not aggressive like the male surfer, in their approach to surfing.

McCoy designs allow the board to react much easier with less pressure needed to turn and manoeuvre while riding the wave, it basically takes the struggle out of surfing and defiantly increases the “Fun Factor”

Geoff McCoy designed surfboards in appearance and functions are not like any other surfboards being produced by any other manufacture in the world.

These design features reflect balance and functionality like no other surfboards, their features and performance can be utilised by any surfer entering the water for the “Fun” of surfing.

Specifically they are not a design for the “Elitist” but a practical assist to your surfing pleasure.

Geoff McCoy designed and constructed surfboards are built to last.

Constructed of the highest quality “Time Proven” materials available.

In the construction process, we have a team of hand picked surfers, who are experienced long term crafts people each dedicated to their specific team function resulting in the highest quality possible.

We enjoy a unique position in the world of surfing, our second hand boards are extremely hard to find and their resale value is the highest of all traditional constructed surfboards.

This combination of superior design and construction is why Geoff McCoy designs are held in such high esteem from both the industry and surfers alike around the world of surfing.

When you buy a McCoy surfboard you know you are buying time proven quality and function at the highest level.

Designed and built to bring you years and years pure surfing “Enjoyment” as it is all about “FUN”.

Keep surfi`n

Geoff McCoy

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Surfing Technique

Technique in surfing is very important, it is what separates the different levels of surfing ability. It is the missing awareness in surfing even though it is the most necessary of all to advance your surfing skills, without a good technique, it is impossible to surf in tune with the oceans rhythm, it is impossible to advance to a high level of surfing without technique.

Shane bottom turns on his McCoy Surfboard
Shane bottom turns on his McCoy Surfboard

So what is meant by technique?

It is the way you stand on a board, paddle into a wave, set up your anticipated ride, crouch into a bottom turn, open the body up on top turns and cut back etc, your actual body positioning throughout the ride to assist in the flow of the maneuvers, feet, arms and head, technique is all of these things, it is the understanding of how to surf a range of waves competently.

How do you learn about technique and practice?

There are several ways to collect knowledge, you can select a surfer who you admire for their surfing, buy a video of the surfer and watch the surfing in slow motion and stop frames to study how the surfer is doing the maneuver frame by frame and practice what you see in front of a mirror in the lounge room or somewhere on land. This gives you the basic feel for the move and by practicing on land when you go surfing, you have the basics of the move in your mind and it becomes easier to reproduce technique on the wave.

Once you get the move into practice, it is a good idea to have someone video you and you watch the video very closely to see what you are doing right and wrong compared to your chosen surfer’s surfing, we suggest you select one move at a time and practice it until you feel comfortable doing it yourself then move on to the next move and develop it then link them all together,

Another way is to select a reputable surf coach for individual tuition, if you use this method then only use a coach who has a proven back ground in coaching surfers as they will have a better understanding of your surfing and be able to help you improve your surfing skills.

No matter what method you use, for sure it will need to be practiced many many times to become proficient at it.

You must preserver to achieve the desired result, as it does not come easily.

Keep surfi`n

Geoff McCoy

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how to pick a beginner surfboard

Words of wisdom from Geoff McCoy:-

When you are learning to surf; it’s very important to choose the right beginner surfboard. No matter what your body size, it is absolutely necessary that the beginner’s surfboard you pick is big enough to carry your weight easily, for the beginner floatation is vital.

It is also important that the beginners surfboard has good stability; i.e. It must be wide with a full plan shape. This will minimise the surfboards desire to roll from side to side. You can pick from many soft surfboard constructions available these days that are designed for the purpose of learning. This type of beginner surfboard can take a surfer from learner to being mid range ability. The advantage being the soft board does not do the damage to yourself or others that other harder constructions can do.

Whatever construction you choose the main thing to remember about how to pick a beginner surfboard is this. Select a surfboard that is big enough to do the job. That is a surfboard which is wide, thick and long enough to float you comfortably.

It is very important to minimise the aspect of struggling from the beginners surfing experience.

Remember this; if you are not catching waves you are not surfing.

Surfing is quite difficult to perform, so it is very important to select a surfboard that will enhance your experience rather than restrict it, use common sense when choosing a beginners surfboard, and above all, be practical.

Keep Surfi`n

Geoff McCoy

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