JS Surfboards arrive in a few days

To arrive in the next few days are this seasons latest shapes from Australian shaping legend JS the already massive sellng Black box and Kingpin plus the highly acclaimed Konfusion and Jordy models are all in transit…we were over at the factory in Kirra a few months back and the shapes looked amazing…we have also managed to snag some of JS’s deck grip and tee’s as well…!!! cant wait!!

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DH Gives Us A Project 15 Update

Guys, checkout the latest video from DH on the Project 15 surfboards, our fastest selling model we’ve ever had.


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Al Merrick

Some of the Al Merricks have now hit the store…looking at the new Dumpster Diver‘s you can see why it is such a massive seller worldwide, awesome looking board..come in and check them out!

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shipment arrival

The first of the seasons new boards are arriving at the weekend ..they should be in the shop by monday..new models by Simon Anderson are the TOE and the DTS…Murray Bourton’s amazing little Zappa. Greg Webber has sent over his two newest and big selling Gutter lover and Sonic models….plus for the Takayama enthuisiasts there is the Flow egg and the Scorpion..which are the two biggest selling Taks in Australia at the moment. Finally at the w-eekend we will get our first shipment of Geoff McCoys amazing new Lazor Zap, without a doubt my all time favourite board from Geoff, for all McCoy lovers a must for the collection.

In the next few weeks we should be recieving our Al Mericks and our new JS boards…..phew!….and there are still more in the pipeline for later in the year !!!!

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