30 years of the Thruster design

This Easter at Bells marks the 30th Anniversary of the famous 1981 Bells event when Simon Anderson redefined surfing and surfboard design, taking the world by storm with his innovative ‘Thruster’ design.

As a shaper/competitor Simon was always looking for an edge, being a large a guy and powerful surfer, there was something missing in the single fins and twin fins that were being ridden. This inspired Simon to place the third fin into his surfboard designs and it was not long after that his surfing began to dominate.


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Al Merrick Semi Pro NOW IN

Just in store we now have the Al Merrick Semi Pro shortboard designed by Kelly Slater and ridden by him to three WCT wins and a 10th world title. It’s a performance shortboard worth adding to your quiver, either now or in the future.

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Project 15 Pro



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Project 15 Junior


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Project goes to the next level


The Project 15 has been a huge success, surfers around the globe have embraced DH’s new design and the feedback is that it is changing the way they surf and they way they approach their turns. DH’s team have really loved this design and can’t get enough of them. Working closer with the team DH recognised some more specific options with the Project, introducing the Project 15 Junior and the Project 15 Pro.

For all the groms out there, this is the ultimate board. Whether you are just starting or really starting take your surfing to the next level, the Project 15 Junior is a blast.

The Pro version is slightly refined and ridden a little longer for extreme high performance surfing. This is an excellent option to replace the all rounder or use as a step down board.

Fresh out of the bay the complete size range is still being developed, if you can’t find the size you are looking for contact BASE or one of our stockists to organise your custom size.

My A-team, Mick, Bobby, Mitch, Jordy etc were all liking the Project, they just wanted it a little sleeker and not so curvy. This created the Project 15 Pro a step down option for high performance surfers. These guys can generate their own speed and don’t want the width of the Project 15. I designed the pro so these guys can benefit from the unique performance of the Project without moving too far away from the all round performer.

The design is a little narrower and ridden a little longer for high performance surfing, a great step down option for surf 4ft and under. For the high performance surfer the narrower plan shape allows for quicker rail to rail transition. The rocker still generates heaps of speed and the extra width through the nose allows easy landing of airs. This design can be ridden as a step down and an all rounder.

It is suitable for surfers that can surf ok and want to keep pushing their surfing, if you feel you can handle these measurements. If it feels to short and narrow then you will be suited on the Project 15. IF I haven’t covered your measurement contact me and I can shape you a custom.


I had been working on the Project 15 with a number of my junior team riders. Garrett and Jack Robinson were really frothing, the feedback was that they were surfing them more and more in comps, it was becoming their go to board. This really got me thinking how perfect this design is for grommets the uniqueness of its design and performance is really paving the way for the future of surfing for the next generation.

The extra nose makes it easier to catch waves, land airs and ride shorter boards for tighter turns. Although it has a wider and curvier outline the tightly pulled in rounded square allows for tight turns in bigger waves. The rocker creates so much speed and carries the board through the flat sections and generates speed out of the pocket.

It is the perfect design mix for grommets, easy wave catching, fast, stable, loose tight and great for landing airs.

I recommend all grommets get on one of these it is the first junior model I have designed that is suitable for all levels of junior surfing. Whether you are just starting or competing you are going to get a rush out of this board and really see your surf progressing.

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