Al Merrick Neck beard shortboard coming soon

We’ve just ordered up someĀ Al Merrick Neck Beard‘s. This boards been designed by Al with Dane Reynolds, as Dane’s free surfboard for 1ft to head high days.

The Neck beard has a wider nose and chop tail compared to the Dumpster Diver, with light single concave and vee out the back, this board is faster down the line, has increased rail-to-rail transition, and is more stable when landing airs. Super user-friendly, this is the board Dane grabs when its 1-foot to head-high.

Neck Beard by Dane Reynolds and Al Merrick
Neck Beard Shortboard by Dane Reynolds and Al Merrick
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Need more hold, Or want to get loose?

We’ve just got all the FCS fins we stock up on the web, it covers both fins for thruster and quad setups, and longboard fins will be following in the not to distant future.

Fins make a huge difference to the way a board surfs, whether they loosen it up, or give you more bite and drive for a hollower wave…it’s always worth an experiment.

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3 New Firewire Surfboard Models

We’ve got three new models from Firewire in stock The Gromflex a Grom friendly version of the Flexfire, The HellFire a contemporary Hybrid, and The Lost Subscorcher for when the waves mush out and you still want to have a fun surf.

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