Second Hand Surfboards

Always worth looking at our range of second hand boards we have in stock. Constantly changing as we always offer a good price on your old preloved board if you fancy trading her in for a new model. Some people change their boards more often than some people change their underwear so you never know when an absolute bargain is in stock. Just think, it could be your new best friend and new dream board for as little as £150. Check out what we have in stock today

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weather and waves from the very far north..

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This is a Modern World…

ok..not the usual blog content..sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture..

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Nalu Beads – The perfect gift!

How’s your Christmas shopping going? A bit like mine no doubt, stuck for ideas but wanna get something really pretty? Well, have a look at these Nalu Beads. Individual beads created and inspired by different beaches and breaks locally and around the world. You can mix and match to make bracelets, anklets and necklaces to recreate memories of the beaches that mean the most to you.


A large selection of beads, spacers and thongs are available instore and online


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