Ryan Lovelace Surfcraft boards

Ryan Lovelace, shaper and master craftsman at Surfcraft Santa Barbara California is responsible for some of the smoothest curves you will ever see on a board. The Down the Line team were literally blown away when they met the man himself in California this year and saw the boards in the flesh. So much so that we’re shipping the boards over here to have a play in Cornish waters. Ladies and gentleman, we introduce to you the V.Bowls by Ryan Lovelace

V.Bowls by Ryan Lovelace – Surf Craft

Pretty little thing isn’t she? Here’s what he has to say about his creation:-

“This is the board that is leading my focus in surfboard design for the past year. It takes everything that I’ve learned from my years shaping and riding displacement hulls and transfers those feelings of slingshot bottom turns and top speed trim into a package that turns with confidence off the back foot and tackles small waves with pleasure.

There has rarely been a day in the past year that has made me want to ride anything but this shape and it is the go-to board for my worldly travels.”

We’re expecting these absolute beauties sometime around Easter, more details will be coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s Troy Mothershead having a play on a V.Bowls at Malibu Point, with some squabbling seagulls thrown in

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Patagonia R4 wetsuit on an Antarctican Iceberg

Kepa Acero spent a couple of days around Deception Island, in the Antarctic. He didn’t get any waves yet, but you can tell by the stoke on his face that it was a truly incredible trip. He’s still out there, so look out for further footage coming soon

Kepa Acero putting the Patagonia R4 wetsuit to the test in the Antarctic

Here’s what he has had to say about the trip so far:-

“We are going through the Drake Passage, mythical and legendary among sailors and navigators to be more enraged space on the planet.
When we left the port of Ushuaia, our sailboat, the Pakea Bizkaia, estable, seemed solid and we passed Cape Horn and the dimensions change. Now, between two oceans, with this mass movement of water, wind, and snow and crossing 50 degrees of latitude gives you a feeling you are very small amid the vastness.
180 degrees south, morning finally get to Antarctica.

Land in sight … the distance of a species is white mass. If not for rocky peaks protruding think they are a fog … we are getting closer and begin to see the dimensions of the ice mountains …
It’s huge ice walls … hard to describe. We’re joined thousands of penguins jumping into the stern and petrels playing the lee of the wing …
It is impressive, not how to describe it … a killer whale playing with the boat here, it seems that I can play.
We’re here to Antarctica.

A first shot to test my suits.
The water is less than 2 degrees and have endured half hour.
We are on Deception Island and in latitude 60
The wave prediction for tomorrow is good, so we’ll see a couple of possible breaks below a glacier.
This must be the most beautiful place I’ve seen in my life.”

Check the link directly below for a few minutes of excellent footage of Kepa in the Antartctic

The water temperature here in Cornwall may not be quite as cold as it is in the Antarctic, but it’s still pretty damn chilly, so why don’t you take full advantage of our current sale we have on all Patagonia Wetsuits, where you can save 20% off the retail price.

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Patagonia clothing sale

We have a huge clothing sale going on right here in the Patagonia Pro Store at Down the Line in Hayle. All items are available instore or online. With up to 40% off all clothing, we are expecting to sell out pretty fast, now is the time to pick up that Nano Storm jacket or the Down Sweater you’ve always wanted. Check all the goods right here



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Dirt Quake

all the joys of bikes and the English summer..

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Lost Surfboards coming this way in February

We are very happy to announce Lost Surfboards will be arriving on the Cornish shores in February! Matt Biolas is the main man at Lost and with team riders including Mason Ho, Chris Ward and Kolohe Andino he is undoubtably one of the top shapers in the world today. You will also see the likes of Taj Burrow, the Hobgoods, Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning test driving his boards and helping with development of new models.

We’ll be getting the Bottom feeder, Sub Scorcher and the V2 Rocket to name but a few. Check out the bottom feeder below to wet your whistle.

The Bottom Feeder by Lost Surfboards

This is the ultimate board for riding small waves. Elliptical template with a really low entry rocker and a rolled belly to keep it form catching. The belly continues through the centre but features a double concave sitting inside it which creates a tri-plane hull featuring a soft chine in the rail. This feeds water through the hull and gives it a feeling more like a concave bottom board. Having enough tail rocker in this allows you to make aggressive direction changes in the smallest of waves without losing any speed.


Don’t take my word for it, check out the Bottom Feeder in full flow below.  Bring on February!!



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