Christenson Warchild


We’re not sure if Christenson’s latest small wave model was inspired by the Point Break character of the same name (it could be more to do with their bullet like appearance) but there’s a fair chance it was. What a film! What a scene! And what a board this is. We’ve only had them in for a few days and they’re flying out the door – and flying across the waves too by all accounts.

We all know that in real life Warchild (Vince Klyne, a damn fine surfer in his day), Anthony Kiedis and that other fellow would’ve pulverised Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. And if you get your hands on one of these bad boys you’ll be pulverising the summer waves!

Similar to the Ocean Pro series, but with a wider, less rockered tail (for extra va-va-voom) and forgiving, boxy rails that will help you plough through the chop, this beautiful creation is the ultimate summer groveler (it does the grovelling so you don’t have to).

No more stroking the cat; this board’s been munching on Khat and it’s ready to dance on the waves with you. Seriously though, you need to hurry as stock is limited and they’re selling like hot cakes!


And by the way, if you need Photoshop lessons we’re happy to help!

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