Channel Islands Al Merrick #4 Groveller

The #4 Groveller by Dane Reynolds turned up at our doorstep today, and what a treat it was!

The #4 comes in two dimensions, “The Groveller” and “The Utility”. The Groveller has arrived, and the Utility will be with us in the next couple weeks, just in time for the September swells!

The #4 Groveller does exactly that, it will pick you up and help you make the most of small gutless waves. It has a little extra volume to help you plane across slack waves, a smaller rail outline to fit into smaller surf, and an ample amount of tail rocker to allow tight arcing turns. The bumps on the tail are less dramatic than the Weirdo Ripper’s, which are sharper and at a more acute angle. The difference being is the Weirdo Ripper’s “Wings” will give you extra pivot and release points in the tail, whereas the smoother gradual bumps on the #4 Groveller straighten out the rail in the tail area, thus giving more drive. With the rounded nature of the bumps this will not have such a water release effect. The bumps are also set back over the back foot, helping to keep width and planing surface as much as possible in the board so it will cruise over the flat sections on a typical Godrevy slack day.

channel islands al merrick dane reynolds
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Have a closer look here, then Grovel to someone to buy you one

Al Merrick Chnnel Islands Dane Reynolds
Comes as 3 fin FCS set up
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O’neill Psycho 3 wetsuit test centre

O’neill Psycho 3 wetsuit 3/2mm available to try for the next two weeks at Down the Line Surf Co. Hayle, Cornwall. With all the new wetsuits out there on the market nowadays, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing which wetsuit fits you perfectly, which wetsuit will suit your requirements and ultimately if the top end wetsuits are worth the extra money over the entry level wetsuits.

Until the end of August you can come into the shop and borrow one of the O’neill Psycho 3 wetsuits for 48hours, absolutely free! The O’neill Psycho 3 sits right up there with the best wetsuits on the market today, and now’s your perfect chance to see what all the fuss is about. Using O’neill’s new Technobutter technology, they are 20% lighter and have 30% less water absorbtion than standard neoprene.  Anyway, don’t take my word for it, come down and take one out for a spin.

I won’t bore you with the technical info here, but if you want to wet your whistle and swot up on the Psycho 3, take a look here

We have full size breaks in Men’s and Ladies wetsuits available to borrow, with absolutely no obligation. Get involved

O'neill Psycho 3 wetsuit
Free test one of these little beauties until the end of August
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