Firewire Slab by Pyzel

Firewire Slab - new for 2014?
Firewire Slab – new for 2014?
We’re hearing rumours that Firewire are to start producing Jon Pyzel’s Slab – one of John John’s fave boards. The Slab will be their second collaboration, with the Pyzalien well into the production stage following rave reviews from Firewire test pilots. With its squashed planshape and generous tail rocker, the Slab isn’t a million miles away from the Pyzalien (both come from Pyzel’s ‘Stubby’ range). Low entry rocker provides instant speed while the curve through the tail allows tight carves in the pocket. The Slab is designed for dynamic surfing (new school or old school, a la John John) in less than perfect waves.The following description comes from the Pyzel website…

John John Florence came up with the idea for this design and we refined it into his new favourite free-surf board! We chopped 3″ off the nose of the JP-X and added tail rocker. The result is a fuller nose, forward wide point, super high performance stubby. The lowered nose rocker makes it quick from take-off and very drivey down the line. The extra tail rocker lets you use all that speed for crazy, ultra loose, pocket orientated carving turns. The wider nose and stubby outline keep it super stable when landing huge airs!

We recommend you ride this one about 2″-3″ shorter and 1/4″ to 1/2″ wider and the same thickness as your regular shortboard.



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Down The Line’s Current Firewire Demo Fleet

Down The Line Surf Co. is a Firewire Demo Centre, meaning you can try before you buy. But with the models on offer constantly changing, here’s an up to date list of what we’ve got:

Firewire Mini Driver Firewire Baked Potato Firewire Potatonator Firewire Spitfire
Firewire Vanguard Firewire Dominator Firewire V4 Firewire Jacknife
Firewire Hellfire Firewire Sweet Potato Firewire Mayhem V2 Rocket

Call (01736) 757025 for further details / availability

Down The Line Surf Co., Market Square Arcade, Hayle, Cornwall, UK, TR27 4EA
Firewire Surfboards Logo
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JS Lowdown

The JS Lowdown was developed towards the end of 2013 by JS and Julian Wilson. The idea was to create a performance shortboard that performs in smaller, junkier waves.

The key element to the Lowdown is the volume, which has been stripped in the tail and around the fins – increasing sensitivity on the back foot – and redistributed towards the front of the board, allowing you to really push off the front foot to create drive and generate speed.

The Lowdown is best suited to easy going waves in the 1-5ft range.

The Lowdown has a single concave in the nose of the board to create lift and speed, which morphs into a double concave in front of the fins to direct water through turns and increase drive and maneuverability.

You will find the rails on the Lowdown slightly softer and fuller than the other boards in the High Performance range, allowing you to maintain speed through turns without catching.

The Lowdown is a performance shortboard with medium rocker. An extended sweet spot is created through the center of the board by leaving the exit rocker late under the back foot. The entry rocker follows the same path as the exit rocker…flattening out quickly to yet again increase the sweet spot.

JS Lowdown
JS Lowdown

The JS Lowdown will be available in the following dimensions:-

5’6 18 2  1/16 20.8
5’7 18 1/8 2  1/8 22
5’8 18 1/4 2  1/8 22.5
5’9 18 3/8 2  3/16 23.8
5’10 18 1/2 2  3/16 24.4
5’11 18 5/8 2  1/4 25.6
6’0 18 3/4 2  5/16 26.8
6’1 18 7/8 2  3/8 28.2
6’2 19 2  3/8 28.9
6’3 19 1/8 2  7/16 30.2
6’4 19 1/4 2  1/2 31.8
6’5 19 3/8 2  1/2 32.4
6’6 19 1/2 2  9/16 33.9

We are expecting the Lowdown to arrive in the UK in March. Contact us to pre-order one now, or just phone us for a chat anyway as we’re a friendly bunch down this way.

In the meantime you can check all of our current JS surfboards right here.


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Firewire Hashtag # – Coming In Stock Summer 2014

Firewire Hashtag #

Good to see Firewire head honcho Nev Hyman back in the shaping bay and producing a great looking all-rounder. The Hashtag is probably best described as a hybrid – but one that will hold it’s own in hollower sections thanks to its fair amount of rocker (relatively speaking) and rounded tail.

The Hashtag isn’t a million miles away from the Hellrazor, only with extra volume and slightly less rocker – particularly through the tail. Which obviously lends it a bit of extra vavavoom. The major difference however is the Hashtag’s stepped round tail, which makes for smooth turns and provides a bit of extra bite for critical turns/sections.


Firewire’s Description:

“Come springtime, every designer’s phone starts to ring. The calls come in hot from pros looking to incorporate the best parts of their winter quivers into a board that specializes in smashing lazier waves. This year was no different and when Nev got the calls, the HASHTAG was the result.”

“Starting with a bit of Hellrazor DNA, Nev added volume and reduced the tail rocker giving the board more drive and squirt when the waves lose a bit of steam. The stepped round tail keeps the board feeling buttery when linking maneuvers and maximizes bite to allow for a vertical attack when desired. The HASHTAG has modest entry rocker and a mellow double concave starting near the middle of the board that deepens as it travels through the fins. This makes it super lively when surfed on rail and gives experienced surfers the tools to be aggressive in the pocket.”

“Look to ride the HASHTAG in a familiar performance volume in all conditions the ocean can throw at you from waist high to overhead. The added volume and eased rocker makes this board a versatile performance option for intermediate to advanced surfers.”

The Firewire # will be availabe in Future Shapes Technology.


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After The Storms…

If you’re wondering how the sandbars are at Lushington (Porthtowan), er, they pretty much aren’t! Wave quality is usually detrimentally affected by a storm induced dearth of sand at this time of year, but that’s just ridiculous. And if you’re heading down to Praa Sands, park with caution, as there’s been a spot of bother there too!

Serious erosion at surfing beaches Porthtowan and Praa Sands, on the north and south coasts of West Cornwall respectively.


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