Ryan Lovelace Shapetastic Voyage Coming to Cornwall

The one and only Ryan Lovelace will be doing a spot of shaping right here in West Cornwall this September (on the back end of his global Shapetastic Voyage).

So if a custom V-Bowls, Rabbit’s Foot, Piggyback or anything else by the Californian wizard takes your fancy, get in touch and we’ll sort something out.

He’ll only be here a few days (exact dates t.b.c.), so numbers will be limited. If the speed we sold out of his V-Bowls is anything to go by however, you’ll be wanting to get your order in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

Some of his models…

A rippable, versatile mid-length displacement hull that takes inspiration from Wayne Lynch’s Evolution.

Lovelace V Bowls

Trevor Gordon and Ryan Lovelace tripping the light fantastic on their V Bowls

A radically asymmetric Alaia (finless surfboard) developed in tandem with Dan Malloy.

Rabbit’s Foot – a truly unique Alaia

Ari Browne styling on a Ryan Lovelace Rabbit’s Foot in Australia

A loose yet drivey performance twinnie best suited to decent waves in the 3-6 ft range. Can also be made as a quad for weaker waves. Utilises a simple bottom shape for smooth drive and flowing arcs. Surf it a couple inches shorter than your standard shortboard.

Lovelace Piggyback

Trevor Gordon riding a Piggyback, from ‘Almost Cut My Hair’

Based on the original Greenough Spoon, this scooped out design takes flex and sensitivity to a whole other level…In the words of R.L.: “They ride lines you’ve only dreamed about with feelings that are impossible to grasp in words. Truly a unique ride and demanding craft that will test your dedication.”

The Ryan Lovelace Flex Spoon

A slightly surreal glimpse into the construction of  a Flex Spoon

Check out www.rlovelace.com for more info about these and other models.

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