Summer Softboards

Redback Surfboards

Red Back surfboards lined up against a wall, from 6 foot to 8 foot long
The lineup of some of our Redback Surfboards in store.

Redback Surfboards are Australian made high performance softboards. We’re well happy to say that yesterday the truck rocked up outside the shop and delivered our Summer stock for 2016. At Down the Line Surf Co. we’ve been importing and selling the Redback surfboards since the boss man first saw them being surfed on Bondi Beach  nearly 10 years ago. He couldn’t believe how well they went so had to get his hands on one. On closer inspection he saw the finer details that set these apart from other soft boards. Namely the stringers running through the board to provide better strength and greater memory/flex properties. The highly tuned rails allow the Redbacks to really cut across the water and actually surf like a proper surfboard!

The Redback Surfboards we have in stock range from 6’0″ up to 8’0″. The 6’0″ has a shortboard template, there’s a 6’6″ Swallow tail fish surfboard, and the 7’0″ and 8’0″ models are mini mal templates.. Perfect for learning on!

6ft Quickstick - Blue Graphics
6ft Quickstick – Blue Graphics

6'6" Fish surfboard - Blue
6’6″ Fish surfboard – Blue

6'6" Fish Surfboard - Blue Graphics
6’6″ Fish Surfboard – Blue Graphics

7ft Revolution Minimal - Blue Graphics
7ft Revolution Minimal – Blue Graphics

7ft Revolution minimal - Pink graphics
7ft Revolution minimal – Pink Graphics

8th Revolution Mini Mal - White
8th Revolution Mini Mal – White


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