£150 Off All Firewire Vanguards

A Retrospective Appraisal

The Firewire Vanguard, a game changer.

The Vanguard is a diamond nosed modern planing hull (MPH) designed, pioneered and refined by Daniel”Tomo”Thomson. The distinctive ultra parallel (straighter) lines running nose to tail allow the board to be ridden smaller and narrower than previously considered functional. The parallel outline reduces drag, increases planing lift giving more speed.  The rectangular nature of the board makes it stable and the narrow central wide point will allow for fast rail to rail transitions. Add multiple concave bottom contours for added lift through flat sections of  a wave and the end result is a design that is fast, responsive and easy to control.

But don’t just take our word for it, why not come in and try our demo board and experience  the difference.  Over the last few years the Vanguard has been superseded by the Nano, Evo and Vader, but it remains the foundation and blueprint for all those later models.

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The boys are off to Aus

In our never ending quest to ensure that we keep the shop stocked with the freshest surfing goodies. Trev and Ryan have volunteered to spend the next couple of weeks traversing the coastline of Australia connecting with our current suppliers and searching for “the next big thing”.

They start in Sydney and no doubt after a short tour around the Royal Opera House in an effort to shake off the jet-lag they’ll be heading to the Northern Beaches smeared in factor 50 for meetings with various shipping companies. We are determined to bring our customers the latest models from Australia’s premium board builders as soon as they are released so a bit of blah blah blah over a few cold beers will almost certainly help with the negotiations.

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