Down the Line Surf Nomads

Surfers walking through a tropical field

Introducing to you, Down the Line Surf Nomads…

In a time where social media and surf forecasting websites have taken over, Down The Line Surf Nomads aims to bring back the true essence of surf travel. Back in the day, you planned a trip for months in advance. You tirelessly studied maps, you asked around for any info you could get your hands on. Desperately searching the pub for anyone foolish or intoxicated enough to divulge where “that spot” was. You loaded up the van and set off on a whim and a prayer. If you scored it was the best feeling in the world. If you didn’t, you were still richer for the experience, the adventure.

That was true surf travel; a highly addictive concoction of ups and downs, kicking the wheel of your van in frustration one minute, to scoring a 6ft point break with just you and your mates, the next. This buzz of exploration is something that’s becoming more and more absent in today’s modern life, like a sombre haze of surf camps and forecasting tools. That’s why we think it’s time to celebrate true surf travel. For anyone who craves adventure and dares to do something different, Down The Line Surf Nomads salutes you!

Embodying the Surf Nomad spirit is our good friend Chris ‘Chaffs’ Chaffin. Chris has undertaken a mission to explore and find waves in some of worlds most well hidden corners. He’ll be keeping us up to date along the way. Sharing with us his triumphs, as well as his trials and tribulations. In the spirit of true surf travel, nowhere will be named, if you want to know, you’ll have to go!


Chris Chaffing getting out of the surf holding a Firewire Vanguard surfboard
Chris surfing a left hander
Chris nicely tucked into a righthander
A fine looking wave somewhere in the world
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