DHD Board Story Video Series

The first in a series of six videos detailing the history of DHD and Mick Fanning. In Episode 1 Mick Fanning talks about the DHD board he rode as a teenager, during his first Rip Curl Search trip and the pro juniors. It’s also the same board he remembers riding around the time his brother Sean died. Mick talks about the first sponsored trip to Bells Beach and how he fell in love with the location. This episode looks a the DHD boards Mick was riding when the focus was on himself, Dean Morrison, and Joel Parkinson.

Episode 1 – Early Days.

Episode 2 – First World Title.

Episode 3. – 2nd & 3rd World Titles

Episode 4. – Bells Beach

Episode 5. – J-Bay Shark Incident

Episode 6. – The Phoenix

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