Black Friday Is Coming

Black Friday board sale

This year’s Black Friday sale falls on the 25th of November and will be running over the weekend ending on Monday 28th of November. If the previous Black Fridays have taught us anything, it’s that you’re much safer shopping online where you will not be trampled by an angry mob. So put your feet up and grab a bargain on a brand new surfboard from the safety of your own home.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner so why not make a head start on your Christmas shopping. Coincidentally we have just received a new delivery of Patagonia clothing just in time for the coming winter.

In the meantime enjoy some action from last year’s Black Friday pipeline sessions.

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JS Surfboards



The JS Surfboards Monsta Box is two of JS’s favorite boards rolled in to one! By fusing two of the best selling boards in the range JS has created a board that suits an even wider range of riders and conditions.

JS Surfboards

The Monsta Box has less rocker then a Monsta 3 and more rocker than a Blak Box 2. The outline is wider than a Monsta 3 and narrower than a Blak Box 2. JS has blended the Monsta 3 and Blak Box 2 rockers to create a perfect combination of entry and exit rockers and given it a single to double concave.

The Monsta Box comes standard with a 3-fin set-up. Whether you’re travelling light or the budgets a little tight, Monsta Box has you covered. If you could only take 1 board to the beach then the Monsta Box is it!

Wave Type

JS Surfboards

The JS Surfboards Monsta Box is well suited to beach breaks, reef and point waves from 1-6ft average to good conditions.



Monsta Box has a medium to low entry and exit rocker. Very good for a large range of conditions

JS Surfboards


Monsta Box comes stock as a thruster.


Boards 5’4″ – 5’10” glassed standard with 4 x 2 oz. deck x 4 oz. bottom. Boards 5’11” and up glassed standard with 4 x 4 oz deck x 4 oz. bottom.


Monsta Box has medium full rails. The performance based shape allow for precision when the waves/section turns on, yet with enough volume to get you through fat sections or avoid catch in chop.


Size Chart

JS Surfboards

In this delivery of JS Surfboards we will also be stocking the Monsta 3 roundtail 5 fin, top ups of the Monsta 3 Squash tail and the little pocket rocket the 107 Round tail 5 fin. All models will be running FCSII.

All new JS models are due to arrive with us on the 2nd December.. get in there quick because they wont hang around!!

If you would like to talk in person about this model or other surfboards from the JS Surfboards range give us a call at the shop on – 01736 757025 or email


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JS Surfboards and the Monsta

Monsta is the all round short board built to cope with a variety of conditions from clean and small to junky and solid. The entry rocker is flatter with a deep single concave running into a deep double concave through the fins creating instant acceleration and more momentum between turns.JS recommends that you ride this board 1-2 inches shorter than your normal short board

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Monsta Mash

Due in the shop this week and new for us from JS Surfboards..the Monsta..

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