Ryan Lovelace

The evenings are slowly drawing out and soon the temperatures will start to increase after a long winter. We have a big batch of Ryan Lovelace‘s VBowls on route to us for spring!

Hand shaped by Ryan in Cali and laminated at Moonlight glassing, quality of the finish is going to be second to none!

Fresh batch of VBowls candy headed our way for spring…









For info on stock and availability drop us an email at info@downthelinesurf.co.uk or give us a call at the shop on 01736 757025..





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Ryan Lovelace

Here is an interview with Ryan Lovelace the creator of the buttery smooth VBowls and the Twin fin wonder the Piggy Back!

We have an order in place with Ryan for a bunch of his boards that is due to land in early spring 2016.

If you have any questions on his board models give us a call at the shop on 01736 757025 or drop us an e-mail at info@downthelinesurf.co.uk

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McTavish Surfboards

The Australian shaping legend Bob McTavish has made us some stunning surfboards on his recent trip through Europe. Hand shaped by Bob and finished at the Olatu Factory in Spain, the boards are a work of art!

Models stocked include: Pinnacle, Noosa 66, Dirt Nap, Involvement, Fireball Evo Squash Tail and the Tracker pictured below..

The boards will be added to the website for sale as soon as they arrive. For more info on the board models or advice on what to choose give us a call at the shop on 01736 757025 or fire us an e-mail on info@downthelinesurf.co.uk




McTavish Tracker 7'2" x 20' 1/2" x 2 7/8"
McTavish Tracker 7’2″ x 20′ 1/2″ x 2 7/8″
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New V.Bowls Coming Soon!

Ryan Lovelace Surfboards Banner

Ryan Lovelace has been busy in his Californian shaping bay making us some spanking new V.Bowls which are literally due to leave the States any day now.  If you were lucky enough to grab yourself one the last time we had some in, or if you’ve taken your friend’s V.Bowls for a surf when they weren’t looking, then you know how good these boards are!  Every one of them hand shaped by the man himself, and riding one is like you’re slipping away into a buttery, slidey, groovy, dreamy fantasy… or something like that anyway.

Ryan paid us a visit last year in Cornwall and made us some boards, and he is with undoubtedly one of the nicest and coolest cats in the business. With a keen eye for detail, and a real mind on clean work ethics, Ryan is one of the few true soul shapers out there.

Come inside his shaping bay and meet him for yourself:-

We only have 5 new V.Bowls arriving… a 6’8″, 6’10” 2 x 7’6″ and a 7’10”..  I couldn’t tell you what colour each one is, but I do know that there is red, blue, forest green, yellow and volan all in there between them. Here’s a look at a few of the V.Bowls we have had in the shop before

A selection of different V.Bowls surfboards

If you want any more info, or are interested in saving one of these for yourself, then give us a call on 01736 757025 anytime between 9:30 and 5:30 BST, or drop us an email to info@downthelinesurf.co.uk

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