Futures Fins

Futures Fins

The Ride Number | Futures Fins

The ride number associated with each Futures fin describes the feel of a fin, this feeling is represented on a scale  from 1 – speed control to 10 – speed generating. The closer the Ride Number gets to 10 the more springy, fluid and responsive your board will feel to help you generate your own speed. The closer you get to the Ride Number of 1 means your board will feel more solid, engaged and predictable at high speeds in larger more powerful surf. Fins with a Ride Number of around 5 mean the fin is balanced and will not add or enhance your board, meaning the fins with let your boards original character shine.

Speed Generating | Futures Fins


Fins with more flex and engineered foils are the best Speed Generating fins. They feel Springy, Fluid and Responsive, which translates into a positive feeling for light-footed surfers or for when the waves lack power. These are a great option for that grovel session, because you can create more speed to get your board down the line. On the Ride Number Chart, fins showing 7 to 10 are classified as Speed Generating.

Balanced | Futures Fins


 Fins with medium flex and flat or subtle concave foils are Balanced fins, and the best for all-around performance.  They feel solid in overhead surf and are still lively enough for performance surfing in serious waves or everyday conditions.  The elements of both sides of the speed spectrum are evident in this category.  On the Ride Number Chart, fins showing 4-7 are classified as Balanced.

Speed Control | Futures Fins


Fins with less flex and flat foils are the best Speed Controlling fins.  They feel solid, engaged and predictable, which translates into a positive feeling for powerful surfers or in powerful waves.  The swell of the year will be more successful with a fin that can handle the speed of the over-head waves.  On the Ride Number Chart, fins showing 1-4 are classified as Speed Controlling.

To use a ride number pick a feeling in your weight range and give them a try we have an extensive range of Futures fins that are available to demo in the shop so you can try the fins before you buy, taking the risk out of buying the correct fins. But as always we are on hand 7 Days a week to give advise and recommendations on the correct fins to match you and your surfboard.



Tel: 01736 757025

Email: info@downthelinesurf.co.uk




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Peregrine – CI Surfboards

CI Surfboards new model the Peregrine has turned lots of heads in DTL recently and for good reason. With a sleek out-line and channels through the tail, the Peregrine is all about down the line speed, quick transitions and big rail turns. It is a versatile board and is suited to all wave types. Nimble enough for a beach break yet solid enough under foot to handle steeper reef or point waves.

CI Peregrine
The Peregrine is a mighty fine bird… Dynamically fast with lightning speed and agility. The same could be said for the Peregrine surfboard.

This is what CI Surfboards have to say about The Peregrine

The Peregrine has a low entry rocker that’s accelerated through the back. The rail rocker is low but with ample break around the front fins and staged by the exit of the channels, creating extreme release near the trailing fin and off the tail. Centre rocker is straighter and fast with the effect being exaggerated by the deep channels running out the back. The channels sit within a generous single concave that runs the length of the board and goes flat at the tail block. The flat deck provides positive flex patterns, volume distribution and feel under the feet.

The Peregrine should be ordered an 1/8th of an inch thinner than a customer’s usual thickness. (i.e. If the customer usually rides a board with a 2 1/2 centre thickness, they should order the Peregrine at 2 3/8 and can expect it to have the same general rail thickness, feel and flotation as a board that is 2 1/2). Rails are round, medium to full. Designed to work best in waist to ceiling high surf. The Peregrine also makes a good small wave board if ordered shorter and wider!

  • Ideal wave type: Point, reef or beach breaks – Medium steep to barreling.
  • Wave size: Waist to ceiling high.
  • Approach: Powerful, carving.
  • Skill level: Intermediate/advanced.
  • Foil/Rails: Medium/Full.
  • Entry rocker: Relaxed.
  • Exit rocker: Medium to aggressive.
  • Outline: Straight.

We work very closely with CI surfboards and can custom order any CI model within 4-6 weeks. Fine tune the models to suit your needs. Choose your fin system whether it be Futures or FCS II. All you need to pay upfront is a £100 Deposit.

If you would like to discuss this model in person come in to the shop or call us on 01736 757025

email:  info@downthelinesurf.co.uk


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Ryan Lovelace

Here is an interview with Ryan Lovelace the creator of the buttery smooth VBowls and the Twin fin wonder the Piggy Back!

We have an order in place with Ryan for a bunch of his boards that is due to land in early spring 2016.

If you have any questions on his board models give us a call at the shop on 01736 757025 or drop us an e-mail at info@downthelinesurf.co.uk

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McTavish Surfboards

The Australian shaping legend Bob McTavish has made us some stunning surfboards on his recent trip through Europe. Hand shaped by Bob and finished at the Olatu Factory in Spain, the boards are a work of art!

Models stocked include: Pinnacle, Noosa 66, Dirt Nap, Involvement, Fireball Evo Squash Tail and the Tracker pictured below..

The boards will be added to the website for sale as soon as they arrive. For more info on the board models or advice on what to choose give us a call at the shop on 01736 757025 or fire us an e-mail on info@downthelinesurf.co.uk




McTavish Tracker 7'2" x 20' 1/2" x 2 7/8"
McTavish Tracker 7’2″ x 20′ 1/2″ x 2 7/8″
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Michael Cundith’s Stubbie

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