O'Neill's unrivaled surfing heritage dates back 1952, when the company's founder, Jack O'Neill, began pioneering and supplying innovative products via the world's first surf shop. None more important, of course, than the wetsuit, the emergence of which he played a huge part in. Fast forward over half a century and O'Neill remain at the industry's cutting edge, producing outrageously warm and durable wetsuits backed up by an awesome collection of accessories.

O'Neill Wetsuits

Jack O'Neill may only have had one eye but his vision has improved the surfer's lot immeasurably. O'Neill pioneered the wetsuit back in the 60's but his company remains right at the cutting edge, constantly unveiling new inventions and innovations...such as the first split-toe boot back in the 80s and more recently Technobutter neoprene, which has to be worn to be believed.

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O'Neill Wetsuit Boots

Click here to browse our great range of O'Neill wetsuit boots and reef shoes. From skimpy rock-hoppers for tropical reef passes right through to 7mm clod-hoppers built to withstand Arctic temperatures, we've got an O'Neill wetsuit boot to fit your needs. Get browsing!

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O'Neill Wetsuit Hoods

Whether you need a lightweight cap to keep ice-cream head at bay or something a little more substantial for harsher conditions, our range of O'Neill wetsuit hoods and caps has got you covered. Dive in!

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O'Neill Wetsuit Gloves

Roll up, roll up; roll up your wetsuit sleeves and whack a pair of O'Neill wetsuit gloves on...then forget about getting cold hands for, well, quite some time. But just don't rub too hard if you get an itchy/runny nose while you're wearing them!

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O'Neill Vests

We stock a great range of O'Neill rash vests, to be worn under your wetsuit to prevent chaffing, or on their own to stop that rub you can get from your wax/grip. We also offer a range of thermal O'Neill wetsuit vests - a great stop-gap if you can't quite afford a new wetsuit but need some extra warmth.

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