Free Flexi-Hex Packaging with all Surfboards

Until recently there was no decent alternative to bubble wrap for protecting surfboards in transit, but the Cornwall based company Flexi-Hex have stepped up to the challenge. Flexi-Hex is a 100% recycled biodegradable cardboard sleeve that adapts to the contours of the surfboard. This reduces the need for single use plastics like bubble wrap and the sleeve can be easily stored away and reused in the future.

Flexi-Hex is not only better for the environment, it is also surprising tough, offering superior protection for the nose, tail, deck and rails. We have been trialling Flexi-Hex for a year and the results have been fantastic. The boards are well protected and our use of bubble wrap has been drastically reduced. As such, we now use it on every surfboard at no cost to you.

In comparison to buying the Flexi-Hex packaging yourself: buying a board with us saves you £14 on shortboards and £24 on midlengths and longboards.


We strive to avoid plastic as much as possible, but there are rare occasions when we will add some polystyrene or plastic packing materials. Your surfboard's protection is paramount and sometimes we need to take special care when shipping. When we do use plastic packing materials they are often reused from previous deliveries from our suppliers.

Check out the Flexi-Hex website to read their full story, and to see what other fantastic ideas they're coming up with!