flash bomb


The new Flash-Bomb wetsuit features FlashDry lining – an incredible new material that is touch dry in around 15 minutes from hanging it up. No more pulling on a wet wetsuit!


Flash Dry is an exclusive new weave technology with 2 engineered layers – the first layer is designed so the water passes through it directly into the 2nd layer. The 2nd layer then funnels the water rapidly out of the suit once it is hung up. Dry Fast – Surf More! And, of course, as well as the rapid dry time the FlashDry lining is also one of the warmest, most comfortable linings available

Key Features:

Flash Dry Lining

– Stitchless Technology – Having no stitching has 2 major benefits:

1. It allows the seam to stretch further and 2. it eliminates pin hole leaking – which means that a suit using Stitchless technology is both stretchier and warmer.

– E3 Tape plus Aquaban Combo – Double taped to create the ultimate waterproof seal. New E3+ super stretch tape on the internal seams allows unrestricted stretch and is the most comfortable seam around. Aquaban Liquid tape on the external seams for maximum seam sealing and durability.

Aqualock Waterproof Zip – We have stepped up the zip technology on the Flash-Bomb suits with the addition of a new waterproof zip system to keep out the cold water.

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board delivery

the Mctavish’s have arrived and looking amazing!!!!!!……they should all be on the site soon…..Trev

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