Eager Beaver

from the DHD stable comes the Mick Fanning Eager Beaver model.Mick reckons this is the board to add more life and fun to smaller,sloppier conditions.

The design combination focuses on a little more volume,a little more width and less rocker through the tail.Adding slight tail vee through the tail behind the fins allows for quick release and faster rail to rail transitions.

This new model should be in store towards the end of September

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Bing and Books

We have legendary shaper Bing Copeland coming to the shop on Sunday 9th September at 1.00pm signing copies of his new book. Bing is travelling around Europe with the current head shaper at Bing Surboards Matt Calvani and a couple of their riders Mick Rogers and Elliot Dudley.

Why not call in and say hi…

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Early morning surf

early bird special.

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the board in the lip

during the epic swell at Cloudbreak for this years Volcom Fiji Pro..this picture of a board suspended and seemingly abandoned was doing the rounds.

The board was 8’6″ made for Mark Healey by Chris Christenson..both the board and Healey survived the impact..

Christenson Surfboards coming to DTL.. soon..

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Con Gas

wicked clip from down Mexico way..

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