Happy New Year! Warriors Of Winter December hot shots!


The winter has started in fine form and we have been fortunate enough to have some waves line our shores during the festive period. Not just in Cornwall, but all around the United Kingdom, coasts lit up with clean lines and light offshore winds. December treated us nicely and we have had plenty of epic #WarriorsOfWinter entries. We searched through the Instagram competition entries and have selected a handful of the hottest shots from the tip to the toe of the UK this month.

 Isaac Marshall in the sweet spot, captured by Ross Taylor.

Mark Boyd threading the needle, captured by Thomas Horig.

Sam Lamiroy on a backlit boomer, captured by Ben Hartley.

George Carpenter behind the curtain, captured by Amy Bullock.

As we enter the New Year, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Atlantic will bless us again with faces of cold water to carve through. With roughly 3 months until the clocks spring forward, don’t forget to tag us in your #WarriorsOfWinter entries. We have some very exciting news regarding this year’s judge and prizes coming soon. Stay tuned at @DownTheLineSurf.

Cover image: Ishmael Harmon captured by Ed West

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