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Rip Curl
A hardcore Australian surfing company through and through, Rip Curl started life in 1967 as a surfboard manufacturer, but 3 years later founders Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer saw a gap in the burgeoning wetsuit market and didn't look back. Their mission was to make surfing in cold water a more pleasurable experience for their fellow surfers. And after nigh-on five decades of blazing a trail it's safe to say they’ve done that. The name ‘Rip Curl’ came from an off-the-cuff message scribbled by Doug Warbrick on an old single-fin. It read “Rip Curl Hot Dog.” Kinda meaningless, but kinda cool too! As well as making a rock-solid range of wetsuits, Rip Curl also produce a damn fine range of boots, gloves, hoods and vests. Feel free to call us on (01736) 757025 (7 days a week, 09:30-17:30) or email for any advice about our wide range of Rip Curl products.

Rip Curl Wetsuits

Since 1970 Rip Curl wetsuits have been made by surfers, for surfers...and totally committed to making the best possible wetsuits for surfing. Boasting a research and development program that's second to none, Rip Curl wetsuits have always been at the forefront. From affordable, entry-level wetsuits to their top of the range Flashbomb Plus, there's a Rip Curl wetsuit for every ocean condition and every budget.

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Rip Curl Rash Vests

Rip Curl's range of rash vests have got you covered, literally, whether you're looking to protect yourself from the sun or avoid rash (from your board or wetsuit). Some of Rip Curl's rash vests utilise thermal linings and/or hoods to provide a little extra warmth, while others are as thin as possible, being designed for surfing in warm water. Feel free to call us on (01736) 757025 or email for info about rash vests.

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Rip Curl Sale

Looking for a top-end Rip Curl wetsuit at a price that won't break the bank? Well then you might be in luck... Usually stock will go on sale as the season draws to a close, but feel free to give us a bell on (01736) 757025 or email us at for a heads-up on when the next cuts will be taking place ... Click here for big savings on Rip Curl Flash Bombs, E-Bombs, Insulators, Omegas and the rest...

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Rip Curl Boots

Click here to browse our range of Rip Curl boots, from superior quality Flash Bomb boots, for surfers who want the best with no compromises, through the outrageously supple and super stylish Rubber Soul range, right through to the no-frills Dawn Patrol series. Please don't hesitate to call us on (01736) 757025 (0930-1730) or email with any queries about Rip Curl boots.

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Rip Curl Gloves

Click here to browse Rip Curl's simply awesome range of gloves & mittens. As a general rule of thumb you'll be needing gloves when the water temperature drops down towards single figures, and Rip Curl's range won't disappoint! Please don't hesitate to call us on (01736) 757025 (0930-1730) or email if you have any questions regarding our range of Rip Curl gloves, or anything else surf equipment related for that matter!

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Rip Curl Hoods

Ice-cream headache hurts! A lot! And you lose a fair old bit of heat from your noggin too. Put and end to all that with a state-of-the-art wetsuit hood from Rip Curl. Whether it be just a cap to make duck-diving a little less unpleasant or a full hood for reeeeeally chilly conditions. As always, feel free to call our friendly, knowledgeable team on (01736) 757025 (0930-1730) or email for any technical info.

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